Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon

Harvest For The World


T’is the season of relationship.  We gather as family and as friends to lift up the experience of life in its every aspect.  We celebrate through food, the seeds we have sown and the fields we have plowed to now reap its fruit.  We honor a history of reasons and relationships that bind us together.  We embrace strangers in the understanding that we also stand as guests in our own right to one circumstance or another.


We gather.  Each in our own way, we acknowledge the DNA that makes us different yet the same. We cry for the people who are missing beside us and we relish in the promise of the new lives we’ve been blessed to embrace.  


We hear and feel for those who suffer in hunger, disease, pain, imprisonment, omission, neglect, recovery in need of food, medicine, freedom, inclusion, support and restoration.

Amid the unceasing evidence of imbalance, we lend gratitude to where we stand today.


We celebrate our bravery and the circumstances where we wished for more.  We console each other in the remembrance of the humility from which we have learned to strive.  We honor the legacies of those who taught us to survive. We are complete in our incomplete understanding of how the intricate pieces of the “magnificent puzzle” we know as life fits together.  As such, we are also seeds.


We can then choose to honor our lives not just by acknowledging but claiming universal abundance. There is more, not just for us to obtain but more for us, who we are, to share.  We are potentiality as part of an unceasing supply given by a Creator, known by many names.  Just as an infant in a cradle, we may see walls and at the same token, know no boundaries.


We are the seeds of greater tomorrows, of a new year promised and of the balance we all seek. We are the explorers, the inventors, the innovators and the possibilities of peace. No matter the culture or tradition, we are one family. 

In this season of relationship, let’s have a total awakening in our tribes and relationships to release the potential for something better, stronger, fuller and richer in our lives.  Let’s begin by offering ourselves compassion through our becomings (not shortcomings).  Let it then spread to family and friends we may have alienated, strangers and naysayers who may need to see your light to know the light is also in them.  We are all still servants to our greatest gifts.  We have an opportunity to feed all of our relationships a healthy meal mentally, spiritually and physically. Let’s make a universal covenant to a world where we all thrive.  We have come far and can go further.


“Season” is the same word used to reference a period in time and to heighten the flavor of a meal.  May all of our relations and seasons be filled with abundance, compassion and peace. 



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