Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon

The Natural Flow



“Water finds its own level” and truth its own way.  It is fortunate when you find people who display integrity, humor, courage and share the passions, visions and missions you hold close.  When you find these people, what they contribute to your life breathes air to your dreams, floats consciousness into your surroundings and sheds light onto your future.   At times, individuals may arrive in various roles as parent, mentor, teacher, mate, friend or even a passing stranger.  However they arrive, it is sure that their presence has changed you for then, now and always.

We each carry with us the formula for the other. None of us stands alone.  Water naturally knows this, as its consciousness is one of balance for the whole.  It seeks out the other particles knowing it will grow stronger from the collective.  In our infancy and childhood without interference, we naturally do the same thing.  Until we start hearing other conversations, getting other notions and forget the importance of sharing, caring and giving of ourselves.  But when we do remember, we rediscover how much richer we are for it. 

Through life, we release people into a series of medleys that play like a river into an ocean swirling through the occasional graduation, career, marriage, family; distanced by cities and states then, at times, traveling to reconvene with the other.   In the midst of it all is the current.  It reminds us that there is more that draws us to greater being, living and experience.

We are muses for each other and sing to each other’s songs, celebrate the victories and pledge to the truth of an unending connection.  Relationships are built from every being for which you connect.  Connections drip like a faucet or flow like water building on what is given as common ground.  All the same, it would be best that we not take for granted what we can mean to each other for a minute, for an hour or for years.  What a joy to find your own level and truth in each other’s flow.

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