Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon

Submission: A Conversation from the Higher Selfh


In traveling this path we learn, shed, revise and walk again.  We are like new born infants at every moment we stand still in the quiet and hear.  The biggest test on this journey is submission.  Not submission to dogma or directives but to the truth.


A stranger took a look at me as though they were waiting.  My mind said,  “waiting?  Waiting for what?”  A voice said, “Waiting for you to feel the breeze blowing at your back.  Waiting for your eyes to see evidence being revealed.  Waiting for you to show up fully engaged with your truth at every opportunity.”  I felt as if I could not breathe.  My heart pounded even though I was perfectly still.  I released the breath unconsciously being held and surrendered.


We are dancing with life circumstances daily.  Many feeling they have exhausted the last of who they are to the present situation.  And still...the Divine says there is more.  More for us to become by being willing to submit, to yield, to embrace.  Every experience, not some but every experience is purposeful.  Our connections, revelations, responsibilities.  All of it.  It is the true education.   We categorize what we don’t understand and in labeling it, we limit it because it does not fit in our box.  There are children who are here demonstrating a need for a new consciousness to be learned in disseminating knowledge.  They are not “ADD, ADHD, Autistic” but warriors for compassion.  Our frustration worries them and they reflect more of the new conscious patterns (i.e., behaviors) in their response (interpreted as agitated, disruptive, etc.).  We have families who are “blended” or finding affection in same gender but they still exemplify the basic presence of love.  In know way is this advocacy nor opposition for any of the aforementioned that is not the purpose here because there is so many more issues that are being demonstrated for the raising of consciousness and opening of the heart.  It is for the recognition of a call to unlimited compassion regardless of personal ideations, preferences or beliefs.  It is for submission to Divine Will.


This is a call to your higher self to be present in your understanding and, not but, compassionate in your existence.  There is no need to respond with anger, frustration or doubt to that which presents itself at the will of all you believe to be holy.  What is omnipotent is.  This is an invitation to realize submission as empowerment and freedom; as enlightenment and joy; as wonder and co-creation.  We are then elevated in this response.


Live like you are the answer. Rejoice like you see all of the stars.  Love like a newborn infant...always awaiting more.

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