Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon

Honoring the Feminine Spirit


We stand in the brilliance of all that has been created.  We bathe in its boundless beauty.  It is with humble gratitude that I salute the feminine spirit we know as Grandmother, Mother, Sister, counselor and friend.  Words are never weary to express the joy of a woman fully realized and the gifts she brings to the world.  

Are we then not remiss, if we do not celebrate our daughters as seeds of triumph in the making?  It is time that we renew ourselves and our thinking to build for them a fortress against violence, danger and oppression.  There is so much potential that is being wasted in misnomers, lies and false standards.  The disregard and brutality of women must stop.  If the potential for a society to thrive is correlated to the education of its young women then it would seem essential that they be treated as a valuable resource in the community in which they live.  Our daughters require of us respect for their intelligence, strength and inner beauty in order for them to become resilient, responsible and rigorous in their efforts to experience their full potential. We are their keepers - ALL of us.  Women, wear femininity as the Divine perfection that has been placed in you.  Women need not walk in the world as an object but as a promise for dignity.  Sisters gaze into each other's eyes as visions for strength not competition.  If one of us falls we are all falling.

History requires of us to honor the legacies of women whose strength, nurturance, compassion and commitment contributed and contribute to the world.  Today, consider celebrating the pure potential living in our communities as  mothers, daughters, sisters or female friends, students and children.  Defend them, support them, honor them and educate them, selflessly, to be the women we know hold the future of our families, communities and the earth in the palms of their hands. Let us respect the feminine wisdom.

Change may not be immediate but bit by bit, it can happen through each of us, NOW!

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