Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon

Submission: A Conversation from the Higher Selfh


In traveling this path we learn, shed, revise and walk again.  We are like new born infants at every moment we stand still in the quiet and hear.  The biggest test on this journey is submission.  Not submission to dogma or directives but to the truth.


A stranger took a look at me as though they were waiting.  My mind said,  “waiting?  Waiting for what?”  A voice said, “Waiting for you to feel the breeze blowing at your back.  Waiting for your eyes to see evidence being revealed.  Waiting for you to show up fully engaged with your truth at every opportunity.”  I felt as if I could not breathe.  My heart pounded even though I was perfectly still.  I released the breath unconsciously being held and surrendered.


We are dancing with life circumstances daily.  Many feeling they have exhausted the last of who they are to the present situation.  And still...the Divine says there is more.  More for us to become by being willing to submit, to yield, to embrace.  Every experience, not some but every experience is purposeful.  Our connections, revelations, responsibilities.  All of it.  It is the true education.   We categorize what we don’t understand and in labeling it, we limit it because it does not fit in our box.  There are children who are here demonstrating a need for a new consciousness to be learned in disseminating knowledge.  They are not “ADD, ADHD, Autistic” but warriors for compassion.  Our frustration worries them and they reflect more of the new conscious patterns (i.e., behaviors) in their response (interpreted as agitated, disruptive, etc.).  We have families who are “blended” or finding affection in same gender but they still exemplify the basic presence of love.  In know way is this advocacy nor opposition for any of the aforementioned that is not the purpose here because there is so many more issues that are being demonstrated for the raising of consciousness and opening of the heart.  It is for the recognition of a call to unlimited compassion regardless of personal ideations, preferences or beliefs.  It is for submission to Divine Will.


This is a call to your higher self to be present in your understanding and, not but, compassionate in your existence.  There is no need to respond with anger, frustration or doubt to that which presents itself at the will of all you believe to be holy.  What is omnipotent is.  This is an invitation to realize submission as empowerment and freedom; as enlightenment and joy; as wonder and co-creation.  We are then elevated in this response.


Live like you are the answer. Rejoice like you see all of the stars.  Love like a newborn infant...always awaiting more.




While driving down the highway, I see birds perched on a wire over the road.  I wonder about the conversation they are having as they watch the road, “Ooo, what a great car that is...I wish I had a Toyota.  Yes, I like that, too!”  In consideration, my true feeling is the conversation is more like, “Silly humans, don’t they know they can fly!”


We spend so much time concerned with the next best thing we can attain.  We forget that what resides in us is greater, bolder, wiser.  We forget we have been empowered with empathy, compassion, courage, conscience, wisdom and intuition.  Our ability to maintain a vision of our true wealth becomes disguised in all we feel we should be...

be--come, be--lieve, be--moan.  We just really need to be...Love, Truth and Aware.

Take our hands off of the steering wheel of the world machine and let life live through us as us.  


Three little girls in Nigeria discovered a way to generate electricity from urine.  At some point in their engineering and science knowledge convergence they stopped to listen to their inner wisdom for the solution and source of their success.  It was so basic.


How many times do we turn a deaf ear to our intuition, our inner voice, our connection to spirit and the Creator.  At times, we have grown to rely too heavily on the answers coming from outside ourselves that it blocks our inherent nature and route to real discovery and disclosure.


In the new year that approaches let’s choose a different type of resolution...not to lose weight but to listen to our body talk about what does not complete its wellness; not to become a millionaire but to listen to the wealth inside of us and let it lead us to our soul purpose which will ultimately provide us with all we need; not to change the world but to be the change we are seeking with compassion and truth as our guide.


We are so much more than we give ourselves credit.  Let this new year be a commitment to discovery of all that we are and more so, how much more we can become together.


Let what resides in you, cover you on your journey!  Fly!



Closing out another year, there are whispers of change.  The power of change can sweep our minds free from outworn movies while solidifying empowered memories.  It requires reflection and release, fosters courage and awakens grace.  It opens doors to patience, potential and innovation.


We  live in a time where parts of humanity believe to have presumed power. With that model, we are on a quest for continued control.  We attempt to control our feelings, relationships and our environment. How often is our organic development supported and celebrated.  We now support organic foods.  We’ve demonstrated an appreciation for things that grow, decompose and rejuvenate as part of a natural flow...in the environment.  Let’s look to develop this same appreciation for our own and each others restoration and renewal.  We are ever-changing, restoring and remembering who we are.  As we grow, we are shaking off old and outworn moments to stretch our wings further.


Change has become associated with a four letter word...”fear.”  The fear of not knowing, not seeing the norm and not being in control of the next steps.  When circumstances change, we assume the worst because it requires for us to become an expanded version of ourselves...more compassionate, resourceful and vigilant.  It is similar to taking on a new career.  Though we have been given a job description, it is only the template for walking in the real shoes of the responsibility at hand. However, who we become as a result of taking on that opportunity has the potential of surpassing our wildest imaginings.


Treasure is found in the power of change.  It’s potential a dripping stream’s dream to become a current; a raindrop as a torrent in a waterfall.  It can wash away delusion and forge new ground.  It is the moment of rebirth and renewed vision catching hold of tradition and innovation in one breath to move it forward.  Call upon its wind to move you and settle you into a new perspective that is your own.  Accessible, grounded, flexible and fertile are elements that accompany becoming.  The answer we’ve been waiting for exposed to daylight from the depths of the tunnel.  The invitation is to tap into all you know is true and submit.  It is a purification rite to be revered and as you breathe in change, release the dawn of new beginnings.


“Deep is your longing for the land of your memories and the dwelling place of your greater desires...” -Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Harvest For The World


T’is the season of relationship.  We gather as family and as friends to lift up the experience of life in its every aspect.  We celebrate through food, the seeds we have sown and the fields we have plowed to now reap its fruit.  We honor a history of reasons and relationships that bind us together.  We embrace strangers in the understanding that we also stand as guests in our own right to one circumstance or another.


We gather.  Each in our own way, we acknowledge the DNA that makes us different yet the same. We cry for the people who are missing beside us and we relish in the promise of the new lives we’ve been blessed to embrace.  


We hear and feel for those who suffer in hunger, disease, pain, imprisonment, omission, neglect, recovery in need of food, medicine, freedom, inclusion, support and restoration.

Amid the unceasing evidence of imbalance, we lend gratitude to where we stand today.


We celebrate our bravery and the circumstances where we wished for more.  We console each other in the remembrance of the humility from which we have learned to strive.  We honor the legacies of those who taught us to survive. We are complete in our incomplete understanding of how the intricate pieces of the “magnificent puzzle” we know as life fits together.  As such, we are also seeds.


We can then choose to honor our lives not just by acknowledging but claiming universal abundance. There is more, not just for us to obtain but more for us, who we are, to share.  We are potentiality as part of an unceasing supply given by a Creator, known by many names.  Just as an infant in a cradle, we may see walls and at the same token, know no boundaries.


We are the seeds of greater tomorrows, of a new year promised and of the balance we all seek. We are the explorers, the inventors, the innovators and the possibilities of peace. No matter the culture or tradition, we are one family. 

In this season of relationship, let’s have a total awakening in our tribes and relationships to release the potential for something better, stronger, fuller and richer in our lives.  Let’s begin by offering ourselves compassion through our becomings (not shortcomings).  Let it then spread to family and friends we may have alienated, strangers and naysayers who may need to see your light to know the light is also in them.  We are all still servants to our greatest gifts.  We have an opportunity to feed all of our relationships a healthy meal mentally, spiritually and physically. Let’s make a universal covenant to a world where we all thrive.  We have come far and can go further.


“Season” is the same word used to reference a period in time and to heighten the flavor of a meal.  May all of our relations and seasons be filled with abundance, compassion and peace. 



The Natural Flow



“Water finds its own level” and truth its own way.  It is fortunate when you find people who display integrity, humor, courage and share the passions, visions and missions you hold close.  When you find these people, what they contribute to your life breathes air to your dreams, floats consciousness into your surroundings and sheds light onto your future.   At times, individuals may arrive in various roles as parent, mentor, teacher, mate, friend or even a passing stranger.  However they arrive, it is sure that their presence has changed you for then, now and always.

We each carry with us the formula for the other. None of us stands alone.  Water naturally knows this, as its consciousness is one of balance for the whole.  It seeks out the other particles knowing it will grow stronger from the collective.  In our infancy and childhood without interference, we naturally do the same thing.  Until we start hearing other conversations, getting other notions and forget the importance of sharing, caring and giving of ourselves.  But when we do remember, we rediscover how much richer we are for it. 

Through life, we release people into a series of medleys that play like a river into an ocean swirling through the occasional graduation, career, marriage, family; distanced by cities and states then, at times, traveling to reconvene with the other.   In the midst of it all is the current.  It reminds us that there is more that draws us to greater being, living and experience.

We are muses for each other and sing to each other’s songs, celebrate the victories and pledge to the truth of an unending connection.  Relationships are built from every being for which you connect.  Connections drip like a faucet or flow like water building on what is given as common ground.  All the same, it would be best that we not take for granted what we can mean to each other for a minute, for an hour or for years.  What a joy to find your own level and truth in each other’s flow.

Honoring the Feminine Spirit


We stand in the brilliance of all that has been created.  We bathe in its boundless beauty.  It is with humble gratitude that I salute the feminine spirit we know as Grandmother, Mother, Sister, counselor and friend.  Words are never weary to express the joy of a woman fully realized and the gifts she brings to the world.  

Are we then not remiss, if we do not celebrate our daughters as seeds of triumph in the making?  It is time that we renew ourselves and our thinking to build for them a fortress against violence, danger and oppression.  There is so much potential that is being wasted in misnomers, lies and false standards.  The disregard and brutality of women must stop.  If the potential for a society to thrive is correlated to the education of its young women then it would seem essential that they be treated as a valuable resource in the community in which they live.  Our daughters require of us respect for their intelligence, strength and inner beauty in order for them to become resilient, responsible and rigorous in their efforts to experience their full potential. We are their keepers - ALL of us.  Women, wear femininity as the Divine perfection that has been placed in you.  Women need not walk in the world as an object but as a promise for dignity.  Sisters gaze into each other's eyes as visions for strength not competition.  If one of us falls we are all falling.

History requires of us to honor the legacies of women whose strength, nurturance, compassion and commitment contributed and contribute to the world.  Today, consider celebrating the pure potential living in our communities as  mothers, daughters, sisters or female friends, students and children.  Defend them, support them, honor them and educate them, selflessly, to be the women we know hold the future of our families, communities and the earth in the palms of their hands. Let us respect the feminine wisdom.

Change may not be immediate but bit by bit, it can happen through each of us, NOW!

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