Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon




While driving down the highway, I see birds perched on a wire over the road.  I wonder about the conversation they are having as they watch the road, “Ooo, what a great car that is...I wish I had a Toyota.  Yes, I like that, too!”  In consideration, my true feeling is the conversation is more like, “Silly humans, don’t they know they can fly!”


We spend so much time concerned with the next best thing we can attain.  We forget that what resides in us is greater, bolder, wiser.  We forget we have been empowered with empathy, compassion, courage, conscience, wisdom and intuition.  Our ability to maintain a vision of our true wealth becomes disguised in all we feel we should be...

be--come, be--lieve, be--moan.  We just really need to be...Love, Truth and Aware.

Take our hands off of the steering wheel of the world machine and let life live through us as us.  


Three little girls in Nigeria discovered a way to generate electricity from urine.  At some point in their engineering and science knowledge convergence they stopped to listen to their inner wisdom for the solution and source of their success.  It was so basic.


How many times do we turn a deaf ear to our intuition, our inner voice, our connection to spirit and the Creator.  At times, we have grown to rely too heavily on the answers coming from outside ourselves that it blocks our inherent nature and route to real discovery and disclosure.


In the new year that approaches let’s choose a different type of resolution...not to lose weight but to listen to our body talk about what does not complete its wellness; not to become a millionaire but to listen to the wealth inside of us and let it lead us to our soul purpose which will ultimately provide us with all we need; not to change the world but to be the change we are seeking with compassion and truth as our guide.


We are so much more than we give ourselves credit.  Let this new year be a commitment to discovery of all that we are and more so, how much more we can become together.


Let what resides in you, cover you on your journey!  Fly!

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