Awaken Your Light  - Ilari Oba Adeola Fearon



Closing out another year, there are whispers of change.  The power of change can sweep our minds free from outworn movies while solidifying empowered memories.  It requires reflection and release, fosters courage and awakens grace.  It opens doors to patience, potential and innovation.


We  live in a time where parts of humanity believe to have presumed power. With that model, we are on a quest for continued control.  We attempt to control our feelings, relationships and our environment. How often is our organic development supported and celebrated.  We now support organic foods.  We’ve demonstrated an appreciation for things that grow, decompose and rejuvenate as part of a natural flow...in the environment.  Let’s look to develop this same appreciation for our own and each others restoration and renewal.  We are ever-changing, restoring and remembering who we are.  As we grow, we are shaking off old and outworn moments to stretch our wings further.


Change has become associated with a four letter word...”fear.”  The fear of not knowing, not seeing the norm and not being in control of the next steps.  When circumstances change, we assume the worst because it requires for us to become an expanded version of ourselves...more compassionate, resourceful and vigilant.  It is similar to taking on a new career.  Though we have been given a job description, it is only the template for walking in the real shoes of the responsibility at hand. However, who we become as a result of taking on that opportunity has the potential of surpassing our wildest imaginings.


Treasure is found in the power of change.  It’s potential a dripping stream’s dream to become a current; a raindrop as a torrent in a waterfall.  It can wash away delusion and forge new ground.  It is the moment of rebirth and renewed vision catching hold of tradition and innovation in one breath to move it forward.  Call upon its wind to move you and settle you into a new perspective that is your own.  Accessible, grounded, flexible and fertile are elements that accompany becoming.  The answer we’ve been waiting for exposed to daylight from the depths of the tunnel.  The invitation is to tap into all you know is true and submit.  It is a purification rite to be revered and as you breathe in change, release the dawn of new beginnings.


“Deep is your longing for the land of your memories and the dwelling place of your greater desires...” -Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

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